Intellivision -Lynx II – Videopac lot

It has been a while since I posted here,
I have managed to score some good deals this month. To name a few:
Game & Watch, one of the first in series for 1 euro loose in decent condition.
commodore 64 CIB
vintage tabletop video games from TOMY (CaveMan CIB, Alien Attack)
Entex Pinball handheld
MANY more

It has been a good month 🙂

In conclusion, Today I picked up a video game lot from a person who sold his old games and systems for a really decent price considering the condition of the games (all Complete in box, the intellivision and especially the Atari lynx are BRAND NEW. This guy really took good care of his stuff!) 110 for everything on the pictures ! Pretty good I think. I have been searching for an Intellivision console for quite some time so i’m really happy with it. I have already put a few hours of game time into it 🙂

untill next time,

P.S. the PS1 game is a pick-up form the way back home, I found it at a thrift-store it was 1.25 €

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Flea market – Long weekend (rain!)

flea market finds

flea market finds

The last four days there have been Flea markets all over the place due to the longer weekend. Too bad it was raining most of the time so a lot of flea markets weren’t as big as they normally are. On the plus side, because there weren’t a lot of visitors as well, I managed to find some good games which otherwise might have slipped through my fingers. In the end, I’m really happy with my finds because usually I don’t find as much in good weather on the flea market! Everything was cheap to begin with and I succeeded to bargained down even further because of the really bad weather. It was a Successful weekend.

flea market gizmo / handhelds from collector

Today I also picked up a retro handheld lot from a collector who sold of his collection. On the way home I went to another flea market but it was raining and everything was covered in plastic. I still managed to find yet another Gremlin’s Gizmo pluche for 2 euros 😀 That’s the 4th one this year between 50 cents and 2 euros. Welcome to the Gizmo family, he looks great in my game room 🙂

untill next time,

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LaserDisc Lot 150+ NTSC movies

P1070271 copy

After I got my LaserDisc player I was searching for some movies to watch on it. I had found about 10 Disney LaserDiscs but I needed some classic horror and action movies as well. I was happy to have found a lot of classic movies in good condition for cheap. Now I have to find the time to watch them all 😀
In the future I will probably do reviews on unique discs which are different from the DVD / VHS / … version.

until next time

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Flea Market finds

P1070270 copy

Nothing too special today, I only went to 1 flea market (a big one) but I lucked out on a very cheap Sega 32X which I didn’t have yet and a boxed Gameboy box variation. Everything was found in the early hours. I’m tired and now, Sunday can really begin 🙂

until next time

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Mega Drive II Aladdin Box set.

P1070239 copy

P1070240 copy

The past few weeks I have found some good games at the flea market but I didn’t find the time to post on here. Online I found a very nice box variation of the Sega Mega Drive II though that I knew existed and I wanted to have. At first, the price went up too high but in the end the initial buyer wasn’t interested anymore so I contacted the seller and got the Sega for a pretty good price, especially for this more rare box variation (it’s a sleeve for the mega drive box but this set is complete as it was sold in stores. The seller never touched it since the 90s so I like that it’s all original. Aladdin is probably my favorite Disney movie of that time period as well so this was a no-brainer 🙂
Tomorrow I need to get up really early for a flea market, hopefully I will find something for the collection.
Fingers crossed !

Until next time,

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Flea market finds 3

This weekend I went to 3 flea markets and a garage sale. I found a lot of good stuff for cheap at the first flea market I went to. I even passed up on some games because I didn’t know where to look first, sadly when I came back these were already sold. I was on my way to someone who had a lot of NES, SNES and sega games for sale at a fixed price of 5 euros (my dad looks out for games and calls me when he has seen something) as I walked by a boxed philips MSX computer which I couldn’t pass up (it was only 10 !), I love the old konami games on the MSX 🙂
At the final flea market I went to I bought a gameboy with al the cables and accessories in a cool box for 1 euro. I also noticed he had a few atari games which at first I couldn’t pick up since he was selling the lot with a Atari 2600jr I don’t need. As it turns out I now have a very rare Atari game so I am most happy with that. SInce I am a big sega fan some of this stuff is going to be traded with fellow collectors. The best find for me is the ps1 game overboard ! and the master system games because they are the most nostalgic to me 🙂

untill next time,
flea market finds 3

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Laserdisc / Master System lot

It has been a busy week for me so I didn’t have much time to post here.
Last weekend my dad went to a flea market I couldn’t go to and he has already found a nice Laserdisc Player (10 euros)! I had only told him to look out for one a few days before because I had found a stack of Laserdiscs at another flea market.
I always wanted to collect old video’s on VHS because they are dirt cheap, even thrown away where I live and I like to watch movies on original format but you have to draw the line somewhere. Collecting for laserdisc seems to be a good alternative for me, I really like the audio and video quality, look and feel so in the future I am looking to ad some classic 80’s and 90’s movies to my collection. I hooked my player up to my Bang&Olufsen TV I use for retro gaming. It’s a CRT beast ,the best there is, amazing quality !

P1070191 copy

P1070193 copy

Today I also picked up a few master system games I had won from Ebay auctions. I got them from someone I know , I had already bought some games from him since he told me he was selling his whole Sega Master System collection with a lot of rare titles. After I bought a lot of games from him (also 3D glasses, boxed), he decided to put the rest on Ebay so these are the games I ended up winning. He really had a lot of action going on his games so unfortunately I didn’t manage to buy some games like buggy run, masters of combat, Tec toy releases still sealed, sega sports pad, … but I am still glad with the games I managed to Win.

Untill next time,

P1070186 copy

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Rumours suggest that SEGA is remaking Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse

Nintendo Invader

castle_of_illusion_starring_mickey_mouseIf some leaked artwork is to be believed, SEGA is remaking the classic Mega Drive platformer, Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse. The leaked material shows digital boxart from a potential Xbox Live Arcade version, although with a SEGA representative recently stating that the developer has “some fantastic developments for Wii U in the pipeline”, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the game arrive in the Nintendo eShop – if it is actually in development.

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OpenJAMMA ROM loading for arcade cabinets

This is looking really cool ! openJAMMA is an all new open source JAMMA compliant arcade board. It runs from an on-board SD card, so you have quick access to a wide selection of MAME arcade games. The openJAMMA board will be able to output a VGA signal for the original CRT monitor based arcade machines, while the more modern alternatives can make use of the accompanying HDMI slot.
I think this is really cool, I like the idea of flash cartridges on consoles but this is even better.

The device is set to feature enough power to run a wide majority of games. Some specs: ARM Cortex A8 CPU, 1Ghz CPU with Graphics accelerator, 4G NAND flash for OS and 1G RAM.
Read more on:

untill next time,

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New Sega Master System 3D game.

Today I picked up a lot of Sega Master System games I bought online for a good price. I already had these games except for one but the seller didn’t really want to sell individual games …
so I picked these games up and now I have Out Run 3D ! It’s one of the games I have been looking for quite some time now in mint condition. The other games will be up for trade in the future.

until next time,

P1070181 copy

P1070183 copy

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